With passion, we do it better.



Seashells, chairs, tables, caps, coffee bags… Emilia and Rosaria journey began with a shared passion for restoring small objects and furniture. They replenished their creativity, giving new life and new purpose to materials and objects otherwise destined for a landfill. Over the years, the two artisans have improved and refined their techniques. Today Emilia and Rosaria are the creative minds of Meraky, a brand aimed at an environment-conscious audience who appreciate style and craftsmanship, as values of Italian culture.


Meraky gives a new interpretation of the accessory, that combines ethics with aesthetics. Unusual materials used with creativity, passion and artisanal skills become functional new products with a high degree of originality. The Meraky spirit draws inspiration from the concept of “pantha rei” by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus: everything changes and nothing remains still. Consider things not for what they are but for what they might be. Meraky intends to enhance the excellence and creativity of artisanal know-how. Working with your hands and using artisanal techniques means joining your mind and heart to reach the deepest soul of things.


Meraky’s design philosophy aims at transforming matter into new forms with new purposes. We infuse soul with every action and project, respecting traditions, the environment, and the value of the work. Meraky aims at creating a network of companies, craftsmen and designers who share this philosophy, fostering a circularity of knowledge through the use of non-recyclable materials. Become leaders for companies in your area by fostering synergies aimed at co-branding.
Meraky aspires to become a recognised brand in the world of fashion and design. Market penetration will depend on the ability to convey the ethics and artisanal work that lay behind each product.


Ethics and Respect. Meraky values ethical work practices and respect for the environment. Meraky chooses to use non-recyclable materials and reduces waste at all stages of production, from the initial idea to the final product.
Craftsmanship and Passion. The importance of artisanal know-how, nourished by passion for this kind of workmanship, is an essential value of the brand.
Commitment and Consistency. We guarantee high quality products and standards, as part of the material and immaterial values enclosed in Meraky.