MERAKY – Made In Italy with Soul

Made in Italy with Soul

Everything changes and nothing remains still.


New Mocha Split collection

Mocha Split Naturale
Collezione Mocha Split Smokey Meraky

Vegan | cruelty-free collection

Mocha Split is a collection of unique pieces, inspired by the principle of circular economy and conscious design.

Together with Casa Grigi, we developed an innovative material, totally natural and vegan, 80% made of banana peels.

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The transformation of materials and the love of life found in everyday objects. This is Meraky’s philosophy: finding the soul in the things around us. Secret ingredient: the passion of Emilia and Rosaria.

Meraky transforms material destined for landfill into a refined product. Through this metamorphosis, Meraky finds its identity in the image of the butterfly. From egg to caterpillar to chrysalis, it becomes a butterfly: this is the path that a material goes through before it becomes a Meraky product.


AROMA collection

ESPRESSINO collection


Portamascherine Meraky

MOCHA SPLIT collection

Borse Silk e Sugar della collezione Mocha Split