MERAKY – Made In Italy with Soul

Made in Italy with Soul

Everything changes and nothing remains still.


New Mocha Split collection

Borsa Silk della collezione Mocha Split
Borsa Sugar della collezione Mocha Split

Vegan | cruelty-free collection

Mocha Split is a collection of unique pieces, inspired by the principle of circular economy and conscious design.

Together with Casa Grigi, we developed an innovative material, totally natural and vegan, 80% made of banana peels.

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The transformation of materials and the love of life found in everyday objects. This is Meraky’s philosophy: finding the soul in the things around us. Secret ingredient: the passion of Emilia and Rosaria.

Meraky transforms material destined for landfill into a refined product. Through this metamorphosis, Meraky finds its identity in the image of the butterfly. From egg to caterpillar to chrysalis, it becomes a butterfly: this is the path that a material goes through before it becomes a Meraky product.


AROMA collection

ESPRESSINO collection


Portamascherine Meraky

MOCHA SPLIT collection

Borse Silk e Sugar della collezione Mocha Split