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Mocha Split [issue 01]

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The new Meraky collection »

The name of this collection of unique pieces was inspired by the famous American dessert “Banana Split”, to which we added a touch of coffee. We mixed all the ingredients together to make Mocha Split, a name that also recalls the materials we use: PACOBA.TEX, the innovative vegan material made from banana peels and our signature interwoven coffee packaging.

Unique pieces »

Mocha Split is a collection of unique pieces, inspired by the principles of circular economy and conscious design. Our values are reflected in the new collection: social responsibility, ethical work practices and material outsourcing.

The Mocha Split Models

Meraky’s new models follow the same wave of inspiration and will take the names of famous banana cultivars.


Silk bananas are popular for desserts but are also cultivated as ornamental plants. The perfect name to sum up the double function of this model: a cross-body bag or a removable small purse. 


Also called Lady finger, this small and sweet banana only measures between 10 and 12 cm. The perfect name for Mocha Split’s first model made almost entirely with PACOBA.TEX. The smallest of the collection. 

How to purchase Mocha Split

Since PACOBA.TEX is manufactured in Portugal, we have decided to adopt a sales strategy in which the vegan material and our accessories will only be made on the basis of real orders, in precise time windows, and in limited numbers. 

» Made-to-Order

In order to avoid producing any unnecessary waste, reduce the carbon footprint of shipments from Portugal, and because each sample of PACOBA.TEX and every item of the new collection will be hand-made, we choose to apply a “Made-to-order” sales model.

All you have to do is choose your model from those available in the current pre-order campaign and purchase it in our e-shop. When the campaign is over, Casa Grigi will start the production of PACOBA.TEX, in the right amount. It takes about a month to finish this process. As soon as the material is ready, it will be shipped to Italy, all at once, and Meraky will start creating your accessory.

Once the process is complete – and within two months of the end of the campaign – you will receive your Mocha Split bag at home, made especially for you. We’ll send regular updates so that you can:

  • see how your accessory is made;
  • understand and value the artisanal know-how;
  • relish for the uniqueness that lies behind every item. 

IThe vegan material

Together with Casa Grigi, we developed PACOBA.TEX: an innovative, cruelty-free, 100% vegan and natural material, 80% made of banana peels. The rest is secret, but all is natural!

Cas Grigi chose bananas as they ripen quite quickly and often, when they get brown and nobody wants to buy them, end up in the garbage. Together, thanks to a partnership that Casa Grigi has established with a portugues supermarket chain, we are helping rescue some of them from a future in the landfill.

The production process

The production process, which lasts several days, is totally artisanal.
Bananas are boiled until they release potassium and sugars. They are then mixed with paper and cotton fibres. The mixture needs to rest before it is spread out and allowed to dry so as to be ready for use..

Why a vegan material?

In our first collection, AROMA, we used leather to complete our accessories. However, using leather has always bothered us. We are sensitive to the mistreatment of animals and the environmental impact of the tannery industry. Animal skin needs to be preserved and a lot of toxic chemicals are used in the process. These chemicals can end up in soil and water supplies, and can also harm the people working in the tannery industry. Faux leather is not an option, as it’s even more polluting than animal leather.

The search for an alternative to leather led us to explore new opportunities for collaboration. This is how we met Monica and her start-up, Casa Grigi, from Portugal. Monica has been working in the development of new materials for 10 years, has 5 patents registered and won several awards, such as “A Design Awards” in 2016.

From the start, we knew what kind of partner we were looking for and with what goal: develop a natural material that could replace leather in our creations.